Men's skin is rougher than women's.

That's why their beauty tips should be different so that the face can shine.

Many men do not take care of their skin at all.

Due to which their skin gets damaged, if you want to look beautiful.

So these 5 beauty tips are being told for the man, definitely follow them.

1. Natural Face Wash - If you have oily skin, wash with it twice a day.

2. Face Mask - Many men shy away from applying face masks, it is very important that it relaxes your skin.

3. Nutrition - It is not that you eat whatever you get, take care of nutrition, eat fruit dry fruits daily.

4. 4. Exercise Every man must do exercise, it is not only physical but also fits the skin.

5. Saving - You should get it done by machine in the savings market as skin infections can occur when the blade is applied.