Secret of Alia Bhatt's beauty

If you also want to look beautiful like Alia Bhatt, then you have to follow some of her tips.

Young girls are very impressed by Alia Bhat's beauty, every girl wants to look cute like Alia.

Recently, Alia has shared her skin care routine, knowing that you too can get skin like Alia.

So let us tell you what is Alia's skin care routine.


Alia Bhatt gives priority to her skin at night, she sleeps with night products on her skin.

Title Caring like a child3

Alia says that she takes care of her skin like a small child.


Alia believes that a good sleep not only maintains health, but it also affects the skin.

Glowing comes on the skin by taking enough sleep, this is the reason why Alia does not compromise on sleep.

Chemical product

Alia Bhat tells to use less chemical products.