Which facepack is  apply on face in night?

Today, there are more beauty creams available in market for beautifull face.

People depend on make-up and creams to be beautifull.

Mostly people don't know that how night  facepack is necessary for face.

If you apply this facepack on your face ten to fifteen days that this will glow your face.

Then, you no need to apply chemical makeup and creams on your face .

Your face will be whitening and shining by this that too natural method.

Let's tell you about three facepack

1) Red lentils and honey facepack

There are antioxidents and other nutrients elements in red lentils whome mix with honey and to apply on face then face will glow.

2) potato facepack

All People eat potato like vegetables but this is panacea for face that know less people.

Potato facepack clean face dullness to twenty days.

3) Honey and banana facepack

Honey and banana facepack is clean Kills  and acne other than this will be whitening skin.

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